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Hello, I’m ALICIA, a Forever Business Owner of The Aloe Vera Company based in Singapore .

"Character gets you out of beds. Faith, hope and discipline enable you to follow through to completion.


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How Forever Changed My Life

I know I will never achieve my dreams by working for other people so I started by own beauty salon. But I gradually faced influx of competitors. In the year 1992, I was introduced into the Forever business. Since then, everything started to change and my life transformed. Forever is a global enterprise that can be multiplied and risk free. They are transparent in their marketing plan that is simple, profitable and duplicable. If I did not choose Forever at that time, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I get to be rewarded the company's Profit Sharing incentive at the end of each year for my hard work, get to travel around the world paid for by the company. I also achieved the top business owner for 10 years and would also be rewarded to additional trips to Europe and America as VIP guests. My mission is to help many other like-minded people to grow with me in the business and work towards your dreams and goals. “Oprah Winfrey: “Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”

我知道上班是无法实现理想与梦想、转行做美容事业、开美容院、渐渐面対竞争者、人才流失。1992年的一个机缘,認识了Forever ,从此以后,我的人生有了很大改变、从沒有到有、从不了觧到了觧、点点滴滴都在FOREVER 一一显现。了解Forever 是一个跨國事业、Forever 给人带来健康、可以倍增、无风险,是一间很有人性化、公平、制度透明的好公司,可增加财富,助人又可助己。因此、如果当时我不踏进Forever,我不能享有好收入,每年年底的分红、从2000年至今免费美國各卅之旅、並获得10年的最佳的组织行销商、也被总公司以最佳贵宾免费数个欧美之旅。

我有今天的成就与荣耀、我要感恩自己的坚持与忍耐、永不放弃的心态才会有今天、也要感恩Forever 的创办人Dr Rex 的爱心及创办Forever, 让我有一个多元化的成长空间、让我拥有自由、健康美丽、肯定、自信与亲和力。让我们一起在Forever 事业成长、也不断告诉自己:【忍耐一段时间去极积冲刺吧、在未耒的曰子想起时我们会为这段可以英雄造时势的曰子无怨无悔。】

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